1) To undertake in-depth studies of justice systems and develop innovative approaches to the discussion of judicial reforms;

Research and Special Projects
JSCA promotes research activities aimed at enriching the legal approach that is traditionally used to address justice reform issues through the incorporation of public policy instruments.

The purpose of these projects is to promote the development of said reforms in the Americas. These are multidisciplinary studies that cover the full spectrum of factors involved in changes in this area.

2) To promote cooperation and the exchange of experiences among key justice system stakeholders at the regional level;
Creation of a network of justice institutions

One of JSCA’s missions is to facilitate and promote communication between public institutions and civil society organizations in the field of judicial reform in order to facilitate the creation of an active regional community that is interested in issues of justice with solid connections between the various members.

Networking is therefore fundamental to JSCA’s efforts. We take part in and actively collaborate on networks or spaces in the region. These include:

  1. The Ibero-American System of Summits of Supreme Court Chief Justices
  2. The Ibero-American Association of Public Prosecutor’s Offices
  3. The Ibero-American Network of Judicial Academies (JSCA is a founding member)

One of JSCA’s goals is to facilitate the enhancement of human resources. We have developed the following training offerings in order to move towards the fulfillment of this objective:

  1. Training Workshops for Judicial System Operators
  2. Workshops on Justice Reform
  3.  Internship Program
  4. Virtual Fora
  5. Technical Assistance
  6. Support for Local Training Systems

3) To generate and disseminate tools that improve the quality of the information available about justice in the Americas.

JSCA aims to serve as a stable and active channel for generating, gathering and disseminating information, legislation and basic statistics on the operation of the judicial systems of each country in the region in a simple and low-cost manner. To this end, the Center uses the many advantages that digital communication offers.
JSCA has introduced the following services in order to meet this goal: