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The project “Support for Regional Processes of Dialogue to Promote Legal and Judicial Reforms in Latin America,” which was executed by the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) at the request of the German Cooperation Ministry through JSCA, seeks to strengthen the exchange of experiences with judicial reform in non-criminal justice in the countries of Latin America. The discussion with the stakeholders of the reform processes is meant to improve access to justice –particularly for members of at-risk groups and those who have faced discrimination- and to strengthen judicial procedures so that they are just, transparent and meet the requirements of the rule of law. Individuals involved in national judicial reforms in Latin America frequently have to face similar problems.

The program seeks to connect them and support them in their work through five instruments:

  1. A web platform that allows for the exchange of good practices
  2. The production of knowledge through exploratory research projects
  3. Communication and dissemination through international seminars
  4. The production and execution of a virtual course
  5. The development and execution of a video chat series


  • Oral Procedures and the Hearings System
  • The Sentence Execution System
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Generation of Statistical Information in Non-Criminal Cases


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