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Santiago, June 14, 2017

The Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA), an international agency that is part of the inter-American system headquartered in Santiago de Chile, is now accepting applications for a six-month internship. The individuals selected will form part of a team that will conduct a study on the practice of Law in Latin America.

The study will be conducted in the context of the project “Improving Access to Civil Justice in Latin America,” which JSCA is executing with the technical and financial support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

The goal of the study is to describe the current practice of law in Latin America and to explore how the procession is practiced in the region in private, public and other spaces. The research also will explore all of the facets of the professional work of attorneys, from their areas of work and their characteristics to normative, ethical, training and educational aspects.

The internship is a practical training modality that brings together learning and work by incorporating the intern into JSCA’s team of professionals so that he or she can collaborate on a specific research project. In this case, the applicant may participate in research on the aforementioned project, which will involve gathering information and bibliographic and regulatory material and organizing it as well as other activities that will be carried out during the internship period.

The internship is open to students who have time in their schedules or university graduates from Chile or elsewhere residing in Chile from fields in the social sciences such as law, journalism, political science and sociology.

Applicants must have research experience, writing skills, medium to advanced proficiency with computer software (mainly Word and Web browsers) and solid written and spoken English skills.

There will be two types of internships: 35 and 20 hours per week. All internships are to be completed at JSCA’s headquarters and will include the provision of a transportation and meals allowance proportional to the schedule option selected by the intern.

In addition to working on specific tasks related to this project, interns may acquire knowledge linked to all of the areas that JSCA works on and studies, gain work experience in an international agency by collaborating on ongoing projects and taking part in other daily JSCA activities.

The institution will provide a certificate once the internship has ended based on the intern’s professional work and completion of objectives.

Those interested should fill out the application form by June 26. Once the form is received and the Center has confirmed that the applicant meets the requirements, JSCA will send a response to coordinate a personal interview. The start date of the internship will be July 3, 2017.



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