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Santiago, November 24, 2017

The second version of the Inter-American Training Program on Civil Justice Reform offered by the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) ended today. Participants were encouraged to design and propose activities that replicate the lessons learned in their home communities so that they can share the knowledge that they acquired. The international agency hopes to extend its network of knowledge through local activities so that changes to civil justice are promoted in countries throughout Latin America.


A total of 22 students from Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia participated in the second Inter-American program, which included two in situ phases and one virtual phase. The first in situ phase was held August 7-11. The virtual phase followed. The second in situ phase ended today. 

The students who participated in the first version of the Inter-American Program in 2016 have developed replicas based on the training and knowledge that they acquired. For example, alumni organized training activities designed to expand the use of oral procedures in judicial processes and mediation in Nicaragua. In Argentina, participants from Formosa and Rosario offered seminars for their provinces and will hold another meeting in Buenos Aires, among other initiatives. Two training programs will be held in San José, Costa Rica as well, one on judges’ technical skills for managing civil hearings and one on litigators’ technical skills and abilities in civil litigation. All of these activities receive technical support from JSCA.

The Inter-American Program is developed in the context of the project “Improving Access to Civil Justice in Latin America,” which JSCA is executing with the technical and financial support of Global Affairs Canada. The goal of this six-year project is to increase access to more equitable and efficient access to civil justice for the men and women of Latin America. JSCA is developing a work agenda in the region that includes the execution of studies, training programs and other activities, one of which is the second version of the Inter-American Training Program.


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