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November 30, 2017

As part of an effort to generate spaces for exchange and discussion, particularly among civil justice officials and judges, Universidad Torcuato di Tella (, the Argentine Procedure Law Association ( ) and the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) launched the Civil Justice Oral Procedure Activities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The two-day activity is one of the results of the first version of the Inter-American Training Program on Civil Justice Reform offered by JSCA in 2016. This initiative provides a formal space in which legal professionals involved with civil reform processes can come together once a year to share knowledge and tools in order to increase their ability to contribute to the development of reform in their countries.

After participating in the program, the students organize training activities in their home countries based on the knowledge acquired. Activities have been held in Managua, Nicaragua, San José, Costa Rica and the Argentine provinces of Formosa and Rosario. JSCA has provided technical support for each of them.

In this case, National Civil Judge Gustavo Caramelo participated in the JSCA training program, promoting the activity that seeks to show national civil judicial system operators the advantages of an oral system based on hearings and the needs that must be met so that it can be adequately implemented.

The meeting was inaugurated by the Honorable Judge Gustavo Caramelo; JSCA Board Member Daniel Petrone, JSCA Training Director Leonel González; and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Professor of Civil Procedure Law Leonardo Lubel.

As part of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights’ 2020 Justice Program, guidelines for civil and commercial procedure reform for Argentina were drafted. These are based on the premise of the use of oral procedures and hearings with immediacy and concentration.

The Inter-American Training Program and activities on oral procedures are developed in the context of the project “Improving Access to Civil Justice in Latin America,” which JSCA is executing with the technical and financial support of Global Affairs Canada. The goal of the six-year project is to increase access to more equitable and efficient civil justice for Latin American men and women. JSCA is developing a work agenda in the region that includes studies, training programs and exchange programs.










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