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Santiago, April 11, 2018

A delegation of the winners of the National Quality of Justice Award given for the first time by Argentina’s Ministry of Justice and Human Rights will spend one week in Chile to take part in a visit organized by JSCA. The purpose of the exercise is for participants to learn about the work of the criminal justice system’s support agencies.

The national competition, which was organized in 2017 by the Argentine ministry, sought to recognize excellence in the implementation of quality management tools, processes and systems designed to contribute to the continuous improvement of justice services, supporting modernization, innovation, information accessibility, improved service and the achievement of faster response times in their organizations.

The candidates were mainly provincial judicial agencies from Argentina. The highest honor (Gold Medal) went to the Specialized Gender Violence Unit of the Buenos Aires Prosecutor’s Office and the Chaco Province Forensic Science and Medice Institute. The prosecutor’s office will be represented by prosecutor Sandra Guagnino and Unit Secretary Ignacio Yacobucci. The forensics institute will be represented by its Director, Sandra Lamparelli, Assistant Director and Quality Management Director Liliana Douthat, and Office Chief and Bioengineering Director Gustavo Deluca. They will be accompanied by Pablo Fisch, the Coordinator of the National Quality of Justice Award of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

The delegation will visit the Forensic Medical Service of Chile, where they will meet Director Gabriel Zamora and Assistant Director Jorge López. They later will go to the Justice Studies Center of the Americas to participate in an introductory workshop on Chile’s criminal justice system with JSCA researcher Gonzalo Fibla.

The program also includes a visit to the Third Oral Criminal Trial Court of Santiago to observe hearings and meet with judges and the Witness Unit Director as well as tours of the prosecutor’s office and public defender’s office, where they will meet with prosecutors and public defenders who specialize in issues of gender.
















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