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Santiago de Chile, October 2, 2018

The Supreme Court of Chile and Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) are organizing the international seminar “Judicial Government in Latin America.” The event, which is sponsored by the Due Process of Law Foundation (DPFL) and financed by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), will take place on Wednesday, October 17 beginning at 2 p.m. in the Santiago Court Building (Multipurpose Room, Compañía 1140).

The seminar will include the presentation of the book Judicial Government: Independence and Strengthening of the Judicial Branch in Latin America, which was edited by Alberto Binder and Leonel González. This regional study on the situation of judicial government in Latin America contains five local reports on Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Paraguay.


JSCA’s Executive Director, Jaime Arellano, will provide the opening remarks for the seminar. The event also will include a presentation by Alberto Binder, the President of the Institute for Comparative Studies in the Criminal and Social Sciences (INECIP), on the conceptual and political framework of judicial government.

The second part of the seminar will be a roundtable discussion on the five countries in the context of the regional experience of judicial government. The authors of the local studies will participate: Juan Enrique Vargas (Universidad Diego Portales, UDP), Chile; Ana María Ramos of the Corporation for Excellence in Justice (CEJ), Colombia; Javier Monterroso (Institute for Comparative Studies in the Criminal Sciences of Guatemala, ICCPG), Guatemala; Alberto Poletti (Center for Judicial Studies, CEJ), Paraguay; and Javier Mokritzky of INECIP (Argentina).

The third and final part of the event will feature a presentation by JSCA Training Director Leonel González, who will provide guidelines for renewing the discussion of the independence of the Judicial Branch in the region.

The seminar is directed at judges, professors, researchers, Ministry of Justice officials and anyone working on reforms and the implementation of judicial public policy. The event is free. Participants must register in advance using here.

About the Study

The seminar is organized around a regional study on judicial government in Latin America developed by JSCA with funding from GAC.

The research focused on five countries that have made differing levels of progress regarding to the independence and strengthening of the Judicial Branch. Three countries have established profiles and functions for the Magistrates’ Councils (Colombia, Argentina and Panama) and two have not created such an institution (Chile and Guatemala).

All of the institutions and experts that contributed to the local studies have many years of experience in judicial reform processes in their countries and specifically with discussions of strengthening judicial independence.











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