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September 25, 2018.


The Second National Meeting of Judicial Offices of the Mendoza Province of Argentina will take place on October 31 and November 1, 2018. The event will feature renowned speakers from various Argentinean provinces who will discuss training and the exchange of experiences of members of the country’s judicial offices and the administrative management of the courts in the new criminal justice system.

The meeting will culminate in a seminar with experts and special guests who will address the topic “The Present and Future of Judicial Offices in Argentina and throughout the Region.” The seminar will be open to the public and will include remarks by JSCA Research and Projects Director Marco Fandiño, JSCA Training Director Leonel González, Neuquén Province Criminal Judicial Office Director María Luisa Squetino and Formosa Judicial Branch Hearing Management Secretary Paola Celeste Falco.

The goals of the activity include unifying criteria that streamline processes and optimize the use of time and resources. There will be six specific sessions organized a main issue and a secondary issue as well as a final workshop. The participants will then discuss a shared agenda for moving towards the next meeting.

The topics to be discussed include: The Judicial Office: A Model for the 21st Century, Justice Administration Quality Management, The Use of ICTs in Judicial Management, Managing Change, Professionalizing Judicial Offices and Trial by Jury as a Constitutional Compass.

We believe that it is important to understand that society needs greater efficiency and transparency in the judicial response and this is achieved by training professionals who can address administrative issues within reformed systems based on oral and public hearings from managing hearing schedules and communications between the parties to monitoring judicial rulings, allowing the judge to focus on making decisions without having to worry about logistical or administrative issues.



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