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May 17, 2019

The Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) and the Institute for Comparative Studies in the Criminal and Social Sciences (INECIP) present a new issue of Judicial Systems Journal (No. 22) that is entirely dedicated to gender, sexual diversity and justice. The purpose of the issue is to encourage discussions that promote the creation of judicial systems with a gender perspective in countries throughout the region.

Given the seriousness and scale of the violence that is produced through crimes such as femicide and travesticide and other homophobic, lesbophobic and/or transphobic hate crimes, we understand that gender issues must recognize a diversity of identities cannot be reduced to the masculine-feminine binary.

This new issue is designed to provide a heterogeneous thematic approach as a starting point, offering articles on issues that are generally considered to be important for addressing gender and justice, such as human trafficking, criminal policy and gender violence. Another key topic examined in this issue is legal defense for female defendants in criminal proceedings.

The special issue also includes texts that explore diverse experiences from different countries, such as those of male perpetrators of gender violence in Córdoba, the relationship between property and gender violence in the WIHTA system in Nicaragua, and the experience of training public prosecutors in Buenos Aires to remove obstacles and promote access to justice for members of sexual minorities. One of the articles analyzes abortion in El Salvador, which is not legal under any circumstances.

The issue also features perspectives on sexual diversity. One of the articles explores legislation on gender identity and another focuses on a Mexican study that highlights the need for drug policies with an inclusive perspective.

Judicial Systems Journal seeks to socialize analyses and experiences by highlighting intersections between academia, political activism and judicial institutions.

This issue was edited by Ileana Arduino, the Coordinator of INECIP’s Feminisms and Criminal Justice Group. The authors featured are Agustina Iglesias Skulj, Fátima Gamboa and Alejandra Padilla, Astghik Hairapetian, Cristina García Lucero, Emiliano Litardo, Franchesca Mata, Mariela Labozzetta, Rebeca Calzada Olvera, Tania Martínez Hernández and Karina Leiva. The “Discussion” section includes perspectives and analyses from Ana Paola Hall (Honduras), Jennifer Guachalla (Bolivia) and María E. Patricia Lanzani (Uruguay).


Judicial Systems Journal also has a section of book reviews and news.



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