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31 de mayo 2019.

The event focused on Civil Procedure Reform organized by ANEJUD Chile was successfully implemented last month. The goal of the initiative was to expose its members to the new legal initiative that is being discussed in Congress.

On May 30, JSCA Research and Projects Director Marco Fandiño participated in the Conference on Awareness of Civil Procedure Reform in Concepción, Chile. His presentation addressed the main challenges faced by the new civil courts, focusing on the adaptation to a system of Multi-door Justice and the new role that administrative teams can play in the active management the process.

During the afternoon of Thursday, May 30, the First Conference on Awareness and Socialization of Civil Procedure Reform: Towards Management of Change was held in the Main Hall of the Court of Appeal of Concepción. The event was attended by officials from ANEJUD Chile and local judicial officials.

At the inaugural session, National Board representative Sandra Rojo, the National Treasurer, stated that it is positive that judicial employees open up a space for reflection through their professional organizations for a bill that seeks “to modernize and expand the coverage of the civil justice system in order to ensure that everyone has access to timely, effective, quality justice through a proposal for systemic intervention that involves procedural and organizational changes.”

The event was organized by ANEJUD in collaboration with the Court of Appeal of Concepción, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Universidad San Sebastián School of Law, the Concepción Bar Association and the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA). It featured the participation of important speakers including Concepción Civil Court Judge Carlos Hidalgo Muñoz, who holds a Doctorate of Law from Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina), and Francisco Pinochet Cantwell, a Professor of Procedure Law at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the President of the Chilean Chapter of the Pan-American Procedure Law Institute. JSCA Director of Research and Projects Marco Fandiño Castro also spoke at the event.

Source: JSCA and ANEJUD Chile







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