Santiago, August 21 2019.

The fourth version of the National Procedure Law Seedbed Competition -organized by the Universidad Diego Portales Law School’s Procedure Law Department and the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA)- concluded successfully after two days of competition. The team representing Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH) directed by Professor Rosa Olave was the winner.

The UAH seedbed team won first prize with the presentation “Gender Stereotypes in the Judicial Process: Critical Analysis and Latin American Comparative Law” from among the four finalists, which represented Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad Católica del Norte, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Viña del Mar) and Universidad de Chile.


The competition was held August 19 and 20 at the Universidad Diego Portales Law School. It featured 16 teams from 12 universities and the main topic was “The Justice System and the Gender Perspective.”

The first round began on August 19. Sixteen teams offered ten-minute presentations before a jury composed of JSCA attorney and researcher Cristina García, Universidad de Talca Procedure Law professor Cristian Contreras, and Enrique Letelier, a professor from Universidad de Valparaíso Law School.

From there, five teams qualified for the next round:

  • Universidad Alberto Hurtado: “Gender Stereotypes in the Judicial Process: Critical Analysis and Latin American Comparative Law”
  • Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Viña del Mar): “The Gender Perspective in the Assessment of Evidence in Labor Proceedings Involving Harassment”
  • Universidad de Chile: “Proposal for a Differentiated Evidentiary Standard for Sex Crimes”
  • Universidad Católica de Coquimbo: “The Influence of Gender Stereotypes in the Construction of Lessons of Experience: Analysis of Chilean Case Law”
  • Universidad Diego Portales: “Judicial Supervision and the Gender Approach in Conditional Suspension of Criminal Proceedings: A Proposal Based on Local Experience”

The final round was held the following day, August 20. The final rankings were determined by the jury, which was composed of Pontificia Universidad Católica Procedure Law Department Director María Elena Santibañez; Jaime Arellano, the Executive Director of the Justice Studies Center of the Americas; and María Soledad Granados, Technical Secretary for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination, Judicial Branch.

The jury awarded first place to Universidad Alberto Hurtado, second place to Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Viña del Mar) and third place to Universidad de Chile. Universidad Católica de Coquimbo and Universidad Diego Portales placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

The videos from the awards ceremony and seminar “Gender Bias in the Legal World: Presence, Consequences and Challenges” can be viewed at the links below:

Photographs and video courtesy of the Chilean Judicial Branch.