Santiago, August 27, 2019.

The Virtual Course on Gender and Justice in Latin America will be offered from September 10 through November 26, 2019. The course forms part of the institutional policy on gender equality implemented by JSCA. The course is open to anyone interested in issues of gender and justice, including legal professionals who work in state institutions or universities and attorneys in private practice, public officials, and legal assistants who work in courts, prosecutor’s offices or other institutions.



The purpose of this virtual course is to create more effective comprehensive justice systems that respect international human rights standards. It is thus composed of four modules that present a wide range of lessons: Feminism and Gender: Theories, Concepts and Criticisms; Justice and Gender; Gender and Civil Justice; and Gender and Criminal Justice.


The current situation of women in the region and major theoretical development of the gender perspective over the past decade reflect the need to incorporate these activities into daily practices related to justice.  



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