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November 12, 2019

The Certificate Program on Litigation and Evidence in Civil Procedure will be offered at Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de La Pampa School of Economic and Legal Sciences beginning in 2020.

The program was developed as a result of the agreement signed by the administration of UNLPam and JSCA. It is designed to give attorneys the skills that they need to meet the litigation demands of an oral procedure model.


The official launch of the program was led by School of Economic and Legal Sciences Dean Francisco Marull, JSCA Research and Projects Director Marco Fandiño Castro, Lucía Colombato of the UNLPam Research and Graduate Studies Office and the program’s coordinator, Fabiana Berardi.

The Certificate Program on Litigation and Evidence in Civil Procedure will provide attorneys with elements of judgment that allow them to develop a critical perspective on the performance of current systems; offer information on the connection between management models and justice reform processes; allow participants to acquire skills for offering, producing and managing evidence during the civil process; train them to examine, cross-examine and offer arguments; develop abilities for using oral procedures and their principles during the hearing; and cultivate attitudes that facilitate effective oral communication with the court and parties. This training program involves 170 classroom hours divided into eight modules:

  1. Civil procedure models
  2. Evidentiary theory and the use of oral procedures
  3. Case theory
  4. The application stage
  5. Preliminary hearing I
  6. Preliminary hearing II
  7. Oral trial
  8. Civil trial by jury


Participants will be required to complete a final paper that shows how they have mastered the information presented.

It is important to mention that the School of Economic and Legal Sciences has a duty to serve the society in which it is immersed through training activities like this one. It has participated in the criminal procedure reform that was implemented in La Pampa, promoting and supporting the introduction of oral procedures. The institution has a history of training undergraduate students in oral litigation through courses such as “Professional Adaptation of Civil and Criminal Procedures” and the upcoming “Workshop on Civil Litigation” and “Workshop on Criminal Litigation.”


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