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Santiago, January 30, 2018


In an effort to make a technical contribution to discussions around Chile’s criminal justice situation, Supreme Court Chief Justice Haroldo Brito received the first evaluation ten years after the national implementation of Chile’s reform conducted by the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) at the request of the Chilean Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. JSCA Executive Director Jaime Arellano presented the publication, “Challenges of Criminal Procedure Reform in Chile: A Retrospective Analysis After More Than a Decade,” to the Chief Justice of the country’s highest court.

Washington D.C., January 26, 2018

The third version of the Oral Criminal Litigation Certificate Program offered by the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA), Washington College of Law at American University (AUWCL) and the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH) Law School ended today. A total of 59 students participated including attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders and judges from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Mexico, all of whom had the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in order to perform better in oral criminal justice systems.

Cochabamba, January 15, 2018

In an effort to present the judicial management assessment and model proposed by JSCA and Fundación CONSTRUIR for Cochabamba, a socialization workshop was held in that city today. The event was attended by over 40 judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, representatives of justice sector organizations and judicial system operators.

The activity is part of the “Pilot Project for Modernizing Judicial Management and Promoting the Use of Oral Procedures in Six Cochabamba Courts,” which seeks to support the implementation of civil, criminal and family justice reforms in Bolivia through the proposal of a new management model. This proposal will allow for changes to the work processes to be tested. Said changes will take place on various levels: i) case processing, separating mere paperwork from procedures that require more in-depth analysis; ii) hearing management so that they are held or rescheduled in a timely manner; and iii) organizational, designing or redistributing tasks in order to achieve more efficient judicial management. In addition, there is a proposal to use electronic notifications.



The Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA), an international agency of the inter-American system headquartered in Santiago de Chile, welcomes applications for a pro bono internship to join the team that is conducting a study on the practice of law in Latin America.

The study is being developed in the context of the project “Improving Access to Civil Justice in Latin America,” which JSCA is executing with the technical and financial support of the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

Santiago, December 18, 2017

The XXXIV Meeting of the JSCA Board of Directors was held in Santiago de Chile on December 15. It was attended by Board members Santiago Pereira (President), Manuel Montecino (Vice President), Pedro Dallari, Douglass Cassel, George Thomson (via videoconference) and Daniel Petrone.



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