All of the texts listed below are in Spanish unless otherwise noted


Alternative Mechanisms to Judicial Process to Favor Access to Justice in Latin America (2014)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Latin America: Assessment and Discussion in a Context of Reforms (2013)

Comparative Study of Small Claims Civil Justice in the Americas (2007)

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Civil Justice: Perspectives on Reform in Latin America (2008)

Project on the Relevance and Possibility of Implementing Neighborhood Courts in Chile  (2008)

Experience of the Commission on Formal Justice and Conciliation in Equity in Colombia (2008)

El Salvador: Small Claims Justice (2008)

Efficient Implementation of Monitoring Procedure in Ibero-America  (2008)

Peru: Small Claims Justice  (2008)


Papers from the X Seminar on Judicial Management, “Judicial Management at the Service of Citizen Access to Justice”

Presentations from the Seminar “Innovation in Civil Justice,” published in Civil Justice: Perspectives for Reform in Latin America