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ICTs have mainly been used to improve the internal efficiency of justice system institutions. While this seems to be correct as a first step, today we face the challenge of moving towards the incorporation of technological tools in the context of a more complex reform or modernization process that allows for the strengthening and legitimation of a new model focused on the citizen.

It is therefore necessary to discuss how we understand the user and the role of technologies from a public policy perspective that should consider all justice system services.

There is a growing tendency to use ICTs in justice systems in the Americas. The uses and models used to include them vary widely. The use of ICTs, and especially the Internet, to expand access to justice through the provision of online services is particularly important, especially in view of the increasing access to those technologies by the communities of the region. With these goals in mind, new technologies can be useful as a tool for expanding access, meeting transparency standards and accountability and bringing the public closer to the justice system.


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