Thanks to the support that it received from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) has been able to work to improve the development of information and dissemination of knowledge related to the role of ICTs in the justice sector and thus support the judicial reform process in the Americas from the perspective of system users.

In this context, the Center has developed the Index of Online Judicial Services (ISJL) in order to promote the use of ICTs as a tool for improving interaction with the public, eliminating barriers to access to justice, promoting transparency and accountability, achieving more inter-institutional coordination and providing more efficient judicial service. In other words, the Center is working on what has been called e-justice.

The ISJL is an indicator that seeks to evaluate the system’s response to specific situations in which a citizen needs access to justice through the Internet. It is composed of four indicators that are applied to four cases or situations. Together, they allow researchers to generate a representative value of the online services offered by diverse justice system institutions.

The main focus is the relationship with the user, rather than an evaluation of the institution. The Index evaluates how the justice system responds in terms of the provision of information and services that can be used to solve specific problems.

The Index was applied to the Websites of the justice sector institutions of the 34 OAS member states between October and December 2011.

We present the report containing the main results of this exercise, which we are confident will become a fundamental tool for strengthening and improving justice in the region.


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