Several countries in the region contemplate conflict resolution mechanisms within the framework of indigenous peoples. In particular, through the ratification of ILO Convention 169 and constitutional amendments, several countries have been recognizing indigenous jurisdiction. In these, the State grants value to the indigenous justice before ordinary justice or, at least, allows that in those communities the mechanisms that its culture contemplates resolve certain conflicts.

A crucial aspect in the framework of these mechanisms is their interaction with formal justice. To do this, it is necessary to generate information on the impact and consideration of indigenous justice within the framework of justice reform processes in the region.




  • Relieve, from field information, the situation of indigenous peoples and their rights in the context of the implementation of reforms to justice
  • Obtain information regarding the rights of indigenous peoples and their consecration in national legal systems, as well as in the international sphere.
  • Propose tools and instruments for gathering information, aimed at enabling the collection of pertinent information for Indigenous Peoples and justice systems in the region.