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Civil society has played a transcendental role in the promotion, implementation and monitoring of judicial reforms. This, organized in multiple ways, has managed to position in the public debate the needs of continuous improvement of justice in order to provide an adequate service to the community, more transparent, respectful of the rights of people and efficient.

This line of work seeks to maintain a dialogue with civil society in order to achieve a complementary dynamic: while civil society is able to identify specific problems that afflict people in their relationship with justice, JSCA seeks through research and innovation promote the dissemination of various tools that from a technical point of view can be useful to address these problems.


  • Carry out a learning exercise about the role of civil society organizations in relation to changes in the justice system.
  • Identify civil society organizations that have the operation of justice within the scope of their institutional concerns.
  • Identify the various problems that affect the functioning of the Justice of Latin America, through a permanent dialogue with civil society organizations.
  • Provide knowledge and technical tools to civil society organizations.


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