Challenges to the Public Prosecutor’s Office
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The Public Prosecutor’s Office is charged with criminal investigation and the exercise of criminal action.

The main idea was to establish an institution that was capable of organizing itself and working in accordance with the requirements of a modern criminal justice system. This process has generated enormous social expectations regarding the operation of the judicial system. In contrast to earlier periods during which judicial agencies fulfilled relatively marginal roles, in today’s institutional systems, especially in criminal justice, these entities are called on to resolve disputes with greater social, economic and political importance on a regular basis. In this context, the public prosecutor’s office faces challenges that are important to study and discuss. It is also important to conduct a survey on the operation of these agencies in countries throughout the Americas.



  • To identify the main problems facing criminal prosecution in countries in which the criminal procedure system has been reformed, especially in regard to the organization of prosecutor’s offices and the investigative processes that they carry out, coordination with other institutions, work flow management, treatment of victims and other topics.
  • To deliver creative and innovative solutions to the problems identified.
  • To identify issues that have not yet been addressed and that should be included on the agendas of public prosecutor’s offices around the region.




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