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The criminal justice reform process that has been developing in the region has resulted in a major qualitative and quantitative change for public defense. Overall, the reform processes took on the challenge of creating public defense systems that could ensure the effective exercise of this guarantee for all citizens, particularly those with fewer resources.

A good public defense system is a critical factor for the success of criminal justice systems built around the presumption of innocence and the right to an effective and high quality defense. However, it is not enough to ensure adequate coverage and budgets, though these are undoubtedly conditions that not all countries currently meet. It is also necessary to organize them efficiently, establish quality standards and constantly evaluate stakeholders’ work.

JSCA examines the main problems that the defense system must address and gathers quantitative and qualitative information on existing public defense systems in order to strengthen them based on the experience that has been accumulated in the region.



  • To identify weaknesses in traditional methods of providing public defense services in Latin America.
  • To acquire comparative information in order to support the design of new public defense systems or the strengthening of existing ones.
  • To provide tools that allow for the assessment of elements to be considered in order to calculate staffing for public defense systems.
  • To generate a discourse on the modernization, management and efficiency of public defense in the region.





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