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Over the past 25 years, Latin America has experienced a very intense reform process, which has mainly focused on aligning justice systems to democratic standards. While there has been an intense and profound regulatory process, implementation processes, cultural changes or changes in stakeholders’ practices, and citizen participation and trust continue to be important challenges.

In order for these processes to be successful from a public policy perspective, it is crucial to generate information on the performance of the system in terms of decision-making, meeting international standards for transparency and accountability, and eliminating barriers to access to justice.

ICTs have become a tool which, if adequately used, allows for many objectives for implementing reforms to be reached given the growing need for information and timely, prompt access to justice.


  • To build tools that facilitate the monitoring of the evolution of the use of ICTs to improve access to justice.
  • To identify and document best practices in order to improve and contribute elements to discussions on the topic.
  • To promote the exchange of experiences in this area.


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