Index of Accessibility to Judicial Information on the Internet 2014
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The Index of Online Access to Judicial Information (IAcc) is an indicator developed by a group of JSCA experts in 2004 that is designed to measure the level of access to judicial information provided by the Websites of OAS member states’ judicial branches and prosecution services. A series of information categories were identified. Their assessment yields a single value that represents the level of compliance with a series of standards of active transparency, open government, accountability and technological best practices.

The IAcc is currently in its 9th version, which corresponds to the results from the year 2014. The information for that year was gathered between October and December. Later changes to the Websites were not considered for this edition of the index. As was the case in previous years, JSCA staff accessed the institutions’ official Websites and assigned scores based on the criteria and assessment scale for the basic information required. Annex II of this report provides a detailed explanation of the methodology used and Annex III contains the definitions of each of the information categories as well as the sub-indicators and corresponding guidelines.

Ten years after its implementation, the IAcc has positioned itself as a point of reference and tool for the continuing development of judicial branches and prosecution services in the region. The IAcc currently enjoys an unquestioned reputation of quality and seriousness and is regularly cited by high-ranking judicial branch officials from the region as well as researchers, academics and other key stakeholders.


All of the texts listed below are in Spanish unless otherwise noted



Click Here to view the results of the global indicators, judicial branch results and prosecution service results for the IAcc from 2004 to the current index.

This graphic allows you to sort the various indicators that make up the IAcc by selecting each of the axes of the graphic .





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